Fruits of Addiction NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON!!!!

Hi everyone, I’m so proud and happy to let everyone know that my FIRST BOOK is finally available for purchase on Amazon!! Thank you so much for your support! Even if you read my posts (and liked or didn’t like it), seeing that many people were even keeping up with my content made me unbelievably happy and helped me strive to stay sober and keep spreading my message. Although I haven’t been too active because of other time taking ventures. THIS MISSION is by far my most important and most rewarding!! No not financially, rewarding in a sense that I am helping, even if it’s just one person. I want people to read my story and feel like they can do better and will hopefully never resort to drug use. Anyone who is already using, then I hope my books is a source of motivation to QUIT!!!

Again my link is

Or just click on any highlighted key words.

Fruits of Addiction: A Pernicious Love By Jay Orgullo

Published by The Reticent

My goal isn’t even success nor redemption. The damage I’ve caused is way too deep. I look to provide a mental and emotional sanctuary to those need it and remind our people that change is possible. Who knows, maybe if I had that I’d really have success and redemption.

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