It’s 2021 And Addiction Is Still Alive And Well…

After more than a year on my path to recovery, I’ve had so many experiences that changed my overall mentality towards drug addiction and issues that we face while holding the label. From personal to professional relationships, the many opinions that revolve around this topic can deter a person who is contemplating whether to pursueContinue reading “It’s 2021 And Addiction Is Still Alive And Well…”

Addiction & Relapse: The Demon

Hello to all! I apologize for getting unbelievably off topic these last few posts. I thought I’d just separate my two topics into two different blogs/websites just to avoid confusion and annoyance to anyone who reads this blog specifically for the recovery and addiction related content. (For those who are interested in the love, dating,Continue reading “Addiction & Relapse: The Demon”

A Chapter: Love & Infidelity

Hi everyone!! I haven’t posted in a while, but I’m sure you haven’t noticed since I’m a very small time writer. Typically I stick to the topics of addiction, domestic issues, and anything in between but today I’d like to share a chapter from my up coming book “Love & Infidelity.” I’m sure you canContinue reading “A Chapter: Love & Infidelity”