An Exciting Updated For Those Who Care!!

So I’m on the final steps to publishing my first book for those who are interested in memoirs, addiction recovery, and mental health issues! The Fruits Of Addiction: A Pernicious Love … via @amazon MY FIRST EBOOK VERSION IS APPROVED FOR PREORDER!!!! My book will be released as an ebook and as a paperContinue reading “An Exciting Updated For Those Who Care!!”

How To Make The Best Of Your Addiction! It’s Not All Bad, I Promise

Where should I start? This post may be seen as a huge contradiction and I can already imagine the shit people will want to say once reading this title. So why don’t you just go ahead and say it?? “Why are you idolizing drug addiction?” “How could addiction be beneficial to anyone?” “What type ofContinue reading “How To Make The Best Of Your Addiction! It’s Not All Bad, I Promise”

Me vs. Myself, My Hardships, and My Mentality.

As I lean out my window smoking one of my last few cigarettes, I can’t help but think about the few years I spent living with Lily. Most of which was hell for her, and I thought that I was seeing things clearly so I blamed myself for our pain. Is it all my faultContinue reading “Me vs. Myself, My Hardships, and My Mentality.”