mind of illness: d e p r e s s e d

For those who have been keeping up with my work for as long as I’ve been writing, i appreciate you all so much!! As long as I enlighten or at least provoke a thought or two, I am happy. As you all know, my goal is to spread awareness on the many issues that revolveContinue reading “mind of illness: d e p r e s s e d”

mind of illness: a d d i c t i o n

There are many factors when discussing mental health. As a result of my many experiences with mental illness and addiction, I’ve decided to create a few excerpts that highlight my mentality and my thoughts when going through each issue. The deep thoughts I’ve had, the life-changing epiphanies I’ve contemplated. When I fall asleep and reliveContinue reading “mind of illness: a d d i c t i o n”

A Past Life That Keeps Haunting…

God damn… Why can’t I finally catch a break?? The more blessings come my way, the more destruction blocks my path. Sometimes it seems as if my demons are doing everything in their power to drag me back to the life I tried so hard to escape… They are trying to drag me back toContinue reading “A Past Life That Keeps Haunting…”

It’s 2021 And Addiction Is Still Alive And Well…

After more than a year on my path to recovery, I’ve had so many experiences that changed my overall mentality towards drug addiction and issues that we face while holding the label. From personal to professional relationships, the many opinions that revolve around this topic can deter a person who is contemplating whether to pursueContinue reading “It’s 2021 And Addiction Is Still Alive And Well…”