A Moment Of Weakness And Nothing More

Last night was not a good night for me. As you all know I’ve been trying to promote myself and my upcoming project so it’s important that I live up to the role I want to portray. The fight against addiction is never ending and if I relapse then I’m just another hypocrite promoting andContinue reading “A Moment Of Weakness And Nothing More”

Addiction And Physical Abuse : Two Peas In A Pod?

When trying to remember my childhood , I recall growing up around abuse, fear and anger. From being forced to watch my father literally beat the earrings off my mothers head, to experiencing his traumatic rage for myself, that fear inevitably evolved into an unbearable hatred that influenced my decisions dramatically. I recall my fatherContinue reading “Addiction And Physical Abuse : Two Peas In A Pod?”

First Impressions Are The Most Important

Addiction. Such a sensitive topic. Not only because of the amount of people who suffer from it, but because of the amount of people who ridicule it. I should know, I used to be one of those people. Key words, by the way, “used to.” I’m not here to “preach” nor to glorify my daysContinue reading “First Impressions Are The Most Important”