Fruits Of Addiction

Fruits Of Addiction started as a book title but as the years progressed and I continued on the path to recovery, I realized one thing:

Fruits Of Addiction is hope. Fruits Of Addiction is another addict’s source of motivation. And Fruits Of Addiction is a growing brand that will hopefully spread awareness, not only on the challenges we face as addicts but also on other devastating issues that many people around the word face, such as domestic violence, child abuse, sexual assault/violence, mental illness, etc.

As I continue to research and write on topics relating to my own experiences and the many challenges we face, my goal is to enlighten any new readers, old friends and those at risk who need a relatable escape.

Recovery is a long and tough road. Feel free to reach out if you need help or advice, even just a ear to speak to. Fruitsofaddiction@gmail.com

To buy the first book in the upcoming Fruits of Addiction series, click here.

My first project, Fruits of Addiction: A Pernicious Love, is the beginning of my own path being an addict. From an abused childhood to becoming the abuser I was seeming destined to become, I wrote on the challenges we face as addicts. My predetermined path of failure became more than just a lifestyle but just like any book, there must be some sort of happy ending. Unfortunately, the road to recovery is never ending, and as the years progress, new adventures and more painful scenarios come to light in my upcoming projects.

Feel free to buy, read and critique the book!! If you would like to review the book, please reach out to me for a free copy!

If you are a recovering addict as well, please interact on each post so that we could one day have weekly discussions and/or check-ins! Help me make this into a community for those who need a support system.

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